i remember when my biggest worry at bday party was how many presents am i getting ; now its who am inviting

the days….

i miss the days when the only wrong i coudve done was being too cute

Life: In genereal

Growing up has pros and cons ; but isn’t that what life is all about

what they said….

When you were little: everyone talked about how being a teenager was the best: but no one told you all the hardships and bull crap you would have to go through to even get a minute of pure happiness


I remember the days where i laughed at everything because i was just happy: now i laugh because i have to convince myself Im’ happy

Days of worrying on how to have tons of friends slowly morphes into which ones are actually yours

When I was Little…

 I remember the days when I ran around in the nude and mismatched clothes and I was sooo adorable( what every adult said). Now if I run around nude I get arrested and I get made fun of for wearing misatched clothes(what adults do to you as you AGE)

Realizing Now

As your grow: the more you realize how stupid you were for wishing ” I wish I could grow up”